Catalytic Converter Repair in Phoenix, AZ

Looking for better performance out of your cat-back exhaust systems? Need to repair your exhaust to get your car back into road-ready condition? When it comes to catalytic converter repair or replacement, no one does it better than Custom Mufflers. We’re the garage Phoenix, Scottsdale, Peoria, and Glendale, AZ drivers trust for best-in-class performance exhaust and all the expertise that comes with it—especially catalytic converters.

Whether you’ve failed an emissions test or need a catalytic converter replacement to raise the performance standard of your car, we’re ready to deliver. We can repair most minor damages, provide you with an OEM replacement or outfit your car with a performance model to supplement upgrades under the hood or to your exhaust system.

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  • Catalytic Converter Repair

    Catalytic converters are an essential part of your exhaust system. Unfortunately, because they’re located under your vehicle, they’re prone to damage from road debris. It can be even worse if your vehicle is lowered or lacks protective shielding underneath. If your vehicle needs catalytic converter repair, we’re ready to deliver. We can fix everything from rusted-out fittings to holes that allow exhaust gasses to escape. We do the work to make sure this essential component is working properly.

  • Catalytic Converter Performance Upgrades

    If you’ve made performance upgrades to your engine or exhaust system, you’re going to need a high-performance catalytic converter replacement. We’ll install a high-flow catalytic converter that can accommodate your new turbo or a supercharger, to give you maximum performance. We’re the go-to shop in Phoenix, AZ for catalytic converter performance upgrades, and will make sure your new converter matches the standards and expectations for your performance system.

We’re Catalytic Converter Experts

Custom Mufflers has a reputation for excellence when it comes to catalytic converter repair and cat-back exhaust work. From repairs to performance upgrades, we’re the authority in Phoenix, AZ for catalytic converter work. Call us at 602-944-4678 to schedule an appointment today for your cat-back systems or performance exhaust systems.

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Catalytic Converter Repair